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  • 0rch1d in SUPERCHAMBERS

    There is a viscous fusion of truth and falsehood on the Internet; particularly concerning the way social media enables us to perform our identity. Authenticity is impossible when we have complete control over what is shared and what remains unseen. The performance of the self becomes dominant over the authentic self, a curated fiction blends into truth....

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  • Garrett Lych - White Flag

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  • Hana Pera Aoake - Words wailing in the void between send and receive

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  • meme wars

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  • stephen nachtigall

    Research has found that seven-out-of-10 people also feel they are losing touch with nature. Climate change and ecological catastrophe peeks at us through the cracks of our phone screens and whispers in our ears like the hum of a data center heat exchanger. While individual actions to reconcile the situation are statistical meaningless, perhaps a genuine symbolic effort does have an effect?...

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  • THE PSYBORGS -- thereisamajorprobleminaustralia

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  • William Wolfgang Wunderbar

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